The Advantages of Video Communication – Families/Work

advantages of video communication

The ever-evolving technological landscape has opened up many opportunities for families and businesses to adapt to the changing times by using technology to further our personal and business goals. At the height of the pandemic, without the recent technological tools such as video communication, we would have been forced into an isolation that humanity has […]

Why Reading Aloud to Kids Helps Them Thrive

Reading to young children engages a wide range of developmental skills

Reading to children is a long-established method for parents around the world to help nurture their child’s mind. It is considered one of the most important things any parent can do to contribute to their child’s development and future success. While it is important for them to learn to read independently, reading aloud to children […]

How The Idea Was Born: Bedtime Stories for Kids

Reading bedtime stories to kids is as old as time. It is an activity that parents are very accustomed to doing, but many don’t realize how it started and what the benefits are. Storytelling started as a teaching method, an efficient way to pass information down through generations with simple and memorable narratives. The principle […]

How Kids Improve Learning with Augmented Reality Apps

why augmented reality can help with a child’s learning

Developments in technology have created some of the best tools available for the educator’s arsenal. They have opened up new opportunities to facilitate learning and help make the learning process enjoyable for young children. And when kids are having fun, learning becomes more effective. That’s why the use of augmented reality for kids is the […]

Why I Left My Comfortable Tech Job to Start Zoog

Good friends around you, a good salary, a good product, and coffee on tap are typically a good enough motive for anyone to be satisfied with their job.This was certainly the case for me. I loved the company I worked for: I felt respected and well-rewarded, I had made some of my closest friends in […]

5 Reasons Why Storytelling Is An Effective Teaching Tool For Kids

What Makes Storytelling So Effective For Learning

Storytelling is arguably the most effective and oldest form of teaching and it’s how we are first taught to listen and learn. Storytelling is an integral part of society and can be seen in every facet of human life – from bedtime stories and morning cartoons to catching up with a neighbor or a colleague, […]

Zoog Announces Pre-Launch of its Reading Experience App at Atlanta Event

Today, Zoog announced the launch of its app and internet platform, which brings books to the medium of video communication enabling users to record a book in their own voice and with fun visual effects. The app is dedicated to helping grandparents (or any other remote family member) to communicate with the children in their […]