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Activities to Improve Communication Skills in Kids

In this digital age, most people are spending an increased amount of time on their mobile and electronic devices – including children. It’s created the ironic situation where, despite the proliferation of communication devices, people are struggling with human-to-human communication more than ever. This can be troubling for children who are still developing their social skills which is why it is so important to integrate communication games for kids as part of their learning and development.


Why Do Children Struggle with Communication Skills?

There are several factors that can lead to a child struggling with the development of their communication skills. One such factor is the absence of guidance, especially during the earlier stages of development. Young children learn by mimicking their parents or their peers; they develop their communication skills by learning from others. Thus, it is essential to be a good role model for your child to follow if you want them to learn to communicate effectively.


Experts also point to excessive screen time as a significant factor in poor communication skills in children.


Finally, a child might suffer from a communication disorder that inhibits their ability to learn the necessary skills. If you suspect that your child might have this problem, make sure to consult an expert for proper diagnosis and treatment. 


Teaching communication skills to children


Importance of Teaching Communication Skills to Children

Teaching communication skills to children is no easy feat. However, it is a must, as communication skills are one of the most important life skills they possess and are essential for success in life.


These are some of the benefits that your child can gain when they develop good communication skills: 


  • They can express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings more accurately and clearly. 
  • They can learn better ─ communication is crucial in the exchange of information. 
  • They will possess good interpersonal skills. 
  • They will foster personal and professional relationships. 
  • They will gain self-confidence. 
  • They will establish their own communication style. 

5 Communication Games for Kids


1. Copycat

This is a fun communication game to try with kids that are in the toddler to preschool stage. The idea is to act out movements and words and then ask your child to do the same. You can mimic the sound of animals or cars. Once you have acted out the sounds and gestures, see them mimic what you’ve done. 


Do this as many times during the day as you can, and you can switch it up every single time. For example, you can start with animal sounds, then move on to nursery rhymes. This activity can be highly motivating and engaging for your child. 


2. Role Playing

A role playing game is another fun activity designed to boost your child’s communication skills. This communication game can be flexible enough for both toddlers and older children. You can adjust the scenario according to your child’s development level. 


Set the role playing game up by giving them a scenario. They can play the role of their favorite superhero or a character from their favorite book. It is best to start with a familiar character so they will be interested and engaged enough to participate. 


3. Picture-Telling

Another effective communication game for children is picture-telling. This activity is exactly what the name suggests; you show your child a picture and then ask them to describe what they see. This is beneficial for your child because it boosts their ability to communicate what they see and form ideas into coherent sentences. It is also a great way for them to organize their thoughts when limited in time. 


4. Pointing Directions

This is a fun activity that you can do with your child in an outdoor setting. It works by asking your child to point towards the direction of a specific object or location. Allow them to take the lead on this one and encourage them to use markers to identify their desired direction, such as the presence of trees or other landmarks.


Pointing directions is effective because it not only enhances their verbal communication and navigation skills, but also their non-verbal communication skills.


5. Action Songs

The use of action songs is also a fun activity for younger children. There are plenty of familiar songs and nursery rhymes out there that they can use for this activity. For example, songs like “Wheels on the Bus” involve a lot of actions. This is a great way for them to match their words with certain actions or movements. 


fun communication game to try with kids


Why Use Communication Games for Kids?

There are various methods and tools available to promote communication skills in children. But why is it important to turn to games rather than the traditional approach?


It’s simple – children are more engaged when it comes to games than they are with books and other traditional tools. The more engaged a child is, the more likely they are to acquire the essential skills they need. 


Communication games for kids also enable them to practice what they learn. Instead of telling them about a particular skill, they can learn it by participating in activities that require them to exhibit those skills (such as body language, listening, and so on). 


Lastly, the use of communication games is effective because the kids are in an environment that does not feel educational. They are having fun, and they don’t feel any pressure to learn certain skills or information, as they would in a classroom setting. 



Possessing good communication skills is critical for your child to excel in their personal and professional endeavors in the future. It is important that they acquire the necessary skills that they need to survive and thrive at a young age. These communication games for kids can be played from a young age and allow them to hone their skills in a fun and interactive manner. 

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