Zoog Announces Pre-Launch of its Reading Experience App at Atlanta Event

Today, Zoog announced the launch of its app and internet platform, which brings books to the medium of video communication enabling users to record a book in their own voice and with fun visual effects. The app is dedicated to helping grandparents (or any other remote family member) to communicate with the children in their lives across the technology gap.

The launch of the Zoog app took place at a special virtual event put on by the Atlanta Public School (APS) system, with Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. The event celebrated the APS initiative bringing the book Mirror Face, with its empowering message encouraging children to love themselves, to tens of thousands of APS schoolchildren.  The Zoog version of the book, narrated by authors Jordan Gillman and Michael Tyler and illustrator Lisa Fields, was presented at the event to thousands of participants. The initiative also includes in-class activities in Atlanta’s many public schools.

“We are so excited to be bringing the Zoog experience to so many thousands of schoolchildren, teachers and family members,” said Yoav Oren, Zoog co-Founder and CEO. “The fact that we’re doing it with a book that inspires children to accept and love themselves, in all their diversity, makes it even more special.”

“We wanted to bring the Mirror Face experience to as many children as possible, and Zoog is making that possible in the most engaging, creative way possible. With Zoog, every family member or teacher will be able to create their own version of Mirror Face for the children in their lives. Atlanta – the city that’s ‘too busy to hate, but not too busy to love’ – with its rich history of civil rights struggle and the tremendous progress made here over the past years, makes this community and school system the perfect partner.”

While the platform is still in the launch stage, anyone with an iPhone (and soon Android) can download the app and create their own version of Mirror Face, with narration and personalized effects. Zoog will be adding new titles to its platform in the coming weeks and months. For all the news and updates, follow Zoog on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About Zoog

Zoog is an app and internet platform dedicated to helping grandparents (or any other remote family member) to communicate with their grandchildren across the technology gap. Zoog adapts books to the medium of video communication, enabling grandparents to read to their grandkids, even from afar, and bring kids to joyfully engage with the story and their relatives. The startup company was founded in 2019 by Yoav Oren and Matan Guttman and is headquartered in Israel.

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