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The Advantages of Video Communication – Families/Work

The ever-evolving technological landscape has opened up many opportunities for families and businesses to adapt to the changing times by using technology to further our personal and business goals. At the height of the pandemic, without the recent technological tools such as video communication, we would have been forced into an isolation that humanity has never experienced. Technology made it possible to stay connected. The advantages of video communication are numerous – both at home and at work.  


Let’s look at how you can make the most of these technological tools.


Advantages of Video Communication for Families


Video technology has come a long way since it was first introduced to the market. Nowadays, families rely on this tool to stay connected, especially when they are on opposite sides of the world.


Below, we’ll discover the top benefits that families can enjoy using video communication.


1. Staying Connected with Loved Ones


This is one of the major benefits of video communication tools. Video calling helps families who are located cities and oceans apart to stay connected and to share intimate moments together. Whatever the reason for the separation, it can be emotionally and mentally taxing to not have that connection with the people who matter most in your life. Video technology can solve that problem. 


Communicating through video calls is a great way to feel closer to your family, even if it is in the virtual realm. It gives you the opportunity to survive and thrive in social isolation knowing that you have their support, and vice versa.


Advantages of Video Communication for Families


Social wellness is one aspect of people’s lives that is often taken for granted. However, connecting with loved ones helps maintain and keep your well-being in the best condition.


2. Video for Teaching Children

Technological tools also play an important role in children’s education. The use of video communication has been increasingly used by educators in recent years to facilitate the education process. Whether at school or home, you can integrate video communication to help promote your child’s development.


Educational and augmented reality video tools such as storytelling apps and educational tutorials can aid the learning process because they create a deeper engagement with the child. The use of interactive videos triggers passion for learning in children as they receive the information in an entertaining format. It’s no secret that children have a short attention span; employing video tools is a great technique to hold their attention for longer. 


Improved and more widespread access to the internet has also played a role in how quickly the use of video communication has been integrated in the learning space. Instead of reading a plain old text, stories can be told in an interactive way by being brought to life digitally.


Since students, especially young children, learn more effectively through the use of multiple modalities, video can be one of those tools. However, the benefits that you can get are only as good as the interactive videos you choose. Make sure the content is appropriate for their age so they can fully understand the concepts taught in that video. 


Advantages of Video Communication at Work


Video has become one of the most valuable business tools around. In this digital age, and especially during the pandemic, with remote work being the norm, businesses have had to turn to video communication to facilitate teamwork and collaboration. 


Employees love it, as it brings them closer to their co-workers and helps them stay on top of their projects from home. But how does video communication benefit the company? 


Here is a breakdown of how businesses are utilizing video tools to improve communication and productivity.


1. Enable the Digital Workforce


Video is a great tool for the digital workforce to stay connected and maintain human interactions. With video communication, physical location is irrelevant. It facilitates efficient discussions with fellow members of the team and speeds up workflow. 


2. Simplified Operations and Improved Productivity


Video communication tools help boost productivity. But exactly how do they do that?


For one, you can be in two places at once. Even if you are working remotely or on a business trip, a video communication tool allows you to be in a meeting with the rest of your team on the other side of the globe. It also simplifies your operations because you can spend more time video conferencing or meeting rather than spending time traveling. You don’t lose valuable business time or resources to make that meeting possible.


utilizing video tools to improve communication and productivity


3. Improved Communication


Video communication highlights the limitations of traditional phone meetings. Body language and facial expressions are essential non-verbal cues when communicating and cannot be utilized fully in a phone call. But with video, communication (albeit virtually) is efficient and clear. 


Proper communication is vital to the success of any working relationship. With video, it becomes possible to achieve that. 


4. Efficient Use of Time


Being able to communicate easily through video conferencing helps employees to maximize their use of time. Through collaborative meetings, everyone is on the same page. It clarifies where everyone stands on a project and what else needs to be done in a manner similar to sitting in a physical conference room. 


Proper communication through video is essential for boosting productivity, not just in terms of establishing human communications, but also to ensure that you are moving forward on a project at the same pace.  




Video communication tools have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market. Take some time to learn more about how you can harness the strengths of this technology to fit your lifestyle. Whether you use it at home with your family or at work for business purposes, video communication has transformed the way people lead their lives. 

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