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Create magical bedtime video stories for your loved ones and start a conversation around them

Who we are

Zoog is an expressive communications platform that allows family members to interact in a fresh, fun way. With Zoog, anyone can read children’s stories while creating a stunning video, all with the push of a button. We automatically apply filters, effects, and music that match the story, so all you have to do is read!

Mission & values

Our mission at Zoog is to bridge the gap between remote family members by offering them a platform for meaningful, personal connection. We've developed an app with unique capabilities fit for reading children’s stories, where we empower people to create beautiful animated storybooks that they can star in. These stories can then be shared with family, creating an everlasting bonding experience. We hope that by giving families the ability to easily create and share personalised storybook videos, where each child can enjoy experiences that are relevant to his/her specific interests, family bonds are no longer restricted by the barriers set by distance, time, and technology.

We're all about

Zoog was created with our families in mind. We have built a tool that helps bring people together in a meaningful way, across the generational and technological gap, even when they are physically apart.


We believe anyone can be creative given the right platform and the right audience. We’ve developed Zoog as a tool for self expression, that allows creating experiences that kids will love to watch and grandparents, parents, educators or anyone else will love to create for them.

and fun

We’ve designed Zoog with multiple demographics in mind. On one hand, it is simple to use and intuitive, and on the other hand it is fun and engaging. We want to make sure that anyone who opens Zoog will have a super pleasant and enjoyable experience.

The Team

Matan Guttman


Yoav Oren​


Shirley Prongs​

Creative Director​

Ariel Fersztand​

QA & AR Masks

Yulia Kailin

3D Artist

Devora Busheri

In-House Author

Noam Oren


Peleg Shinar


Tal Shkuri


Tamar Voichek


Mousam Sharma

Front-end Developer

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Create magical bedtime video stories for your
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