Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Zoog need access to my camera?

The Zoog experience is powered by your phone’s front camera. With Zoog, you can film yourself reading books and singing songs to your loved ones. We add visual overlays over your recording to make you ‘part of the story’. This means that without camera access, you will not be able to enjoy Zoog.

Rest assured, Zoog does not access your camera unless you are inside the Zoog app, previewing or recording a creation.

For example, see this song that was created using the app.

How does pricing work?

Zoog is a freemium app. That means some of the content in the app is completely free and some requires a membership. The first chapter of every Zoog storybook is free. In addition, there is a nice selection of free Zoogs that you can find on the ‘Freebies’ section of the ‘Create’ tab.

These can be recorded and shared for free, at any time.


Your recordings can always be viewed for free by the person/people you send them to, regardless of your membership status.

Zoog+ membership gives you:

  • Unlimited access to all the content in the app: Books, Songs, Greeting Cards, Jokes, and Early Learning. Our library is constantly growing.
  • Your Zoog creations are saved in your Memory Album, so you and your loved ones can always enjoy them.
  • Priority customer support

You can choose from the following plans: Monthly, Quarterly or Annual (with the Annual plan, you get a big discount). Your membership will automatically renew based on the plan you have chosen. You can cancel membership renewal at anytime.


To start your membership tap on the ‘Get Zoog+’ button located on the top-right corner of the ‘Create’ tab.

Join Zoog+ FAQ

Is there free content?

If you’re not ready to become a Zoog+ member, which gives you unlimited access to the whole library, you can enjoy Zoog’s free content. The first chapter of every Zoog book is free. In addition, there is a nice selection of free Zoogs that you can find in the ‘Freebies’ section of the ‘Create’ tab. There is no restriction on the amount of times you can record and share these.



To find the ‘Freebies’ section, scroll down on the ‘Create’ tab, until the menu become visible at the top and tap on ‘Freebies’

You can also recognize the free Zoogs in the library by looking for titles without the Zoog+ ribbon.

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Do the recipients of my Zoogs need to have a Zoog+ membership?

Absolutely not! The recipient of your Zoog recordings does not need to have a membership, download the app, or pay anything to view it. They can simply open the link you shared of your Zoog and view it on any device, at any time.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, please navigate to the Profile Tab in the Zoog app, tap on the button where you see your plan and expiry date, and select your plan. Then click Cancel Subscription.

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Gifting Zoog+

A Zoog+ pass provides the opportunity to experience Zoog+ and gain access to the entire library for two months. You can share the gift of Zoog+ with your loved ones.


How to Purchase a Zoog+ Pass:

1. Navigate to the Profile tab in the Zoog app and click on the red “Gift Zoog+” banner.

2. Next, select one of the options: you can either purchase a single Zoog+ pass or opt for a bundle of three passes at a significant discount.


3. Once you confirm your purchase, you’ll have the option to share the pass(es) immediately or keep them to share later.



How to Share a Zoog+ Pass:
1. To share a pass, click on the ‘Send Pass’ button. A link will be sent to your recipient, and .


2. Choose your preferred method for sending the link to your recipient.

3. Upon opening your link, the Zoog+ pass will be activated for their account. If they do not yet have Zoog, they will first be directed to download the app.


3. We’ll notify you when the recipient activates the pass.

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How to activate a Zoog+ Pass:

Upon receiving a Zoog+ pass link, simply click on the link to start enjoying two months of Zoog+.
If you don’t have the Zoog app installed, the link will direct you to the App Store. Download the app, complete the onboarding process, and enjoy your two free months of Zoog+!

How do I redeem an offer code?

You can redeem your offer code by following the steps below:

1. Open the Zoog app and navigate to your Profile tab

2. Click the blue banner labeled “See all plans”

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Redeem

4. Enter your code and click Redeem

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There is no sound on my recorded video

One possible cause for this problem could be that your iPhone/iPad was connected to an external audio device, such as AirPods, headphones, speakers, smart TV, CarPlay, or any other device during the recording.


To troubleshoot this, please try disconnecting any external devices through your device’s Bluetooth settings, then attempt to record your Zoog again.


If the issue persists, restarting the Zoog app and then try to record again. To restart the Zoog app, you will need to enter the app switcher. From the bottom of your screen, slowly swipe upwards until you see a view of multiple open app windows. Here, find Zoog and swipe up on it. Then you can re-open Zoog from your home screen.



Please give these steps a try, and if the problem continues, feel free to contact for further assistance.

I want to ask for a refund

As a first step, please make sure that you are using the correct Apple ID information related to your purchase.


You will be able to recognize the Apple ID used for your Zoog+ membership by searching for a confirmation email/payment receipt in your email inboxes.


Apple maintains a very strict data security policy and does not allow us to access, manage, cancel, or refund your subscription for you.


As a result, we cannot manage customer refunds. To submit your refund request you must do so through Apple.


Apple often gives customers reimbursement within 90 days of purchase. We suggest sending an initial refund request here.


If you are unable to cancel, have issues soliciting a refund, or would like to further information about your account, please contact Apple here.


You will be able to message an Apple support agent and discuss your case.

Can I share my subscription with my family?

Family Sharing is a feature provided by Apple that allows you to share supported apps and subscriptions with up to 5 family members.

To set it up, please follow this guide from Apple:

After you complete the initial setup, you’ll need to share your Zoog membership with your family members.

To do that:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device
  2. Select Apple ID
  3. Select Family Sharing
  4. Select Zoog from the More to Share section
  5. Click Share Zoog+ with Family

How can I edit my profile name or picture?

You can easily edit your Zoog profile’s name or picture by following these steps:


First, navigate to the Profile tab.

To change your name:

  1. Tap on your name
  2. Edit your name
  3. Tap on “done” on the keyboard, or anywhere on the screen outside the keyboard.

Click here to view an instructional video for this process.


If you want to change your profile picture:


  1. Tap on the picture/avatar above your name.
  2. Take a selfie or upload from your photo library
  3. If you are happy with your selection, tap on “I like it”. This will confirm the change of your profile picture. Otherwise, you can tap on “Remove current photo” and select another one.

Click here to view an instructional video for this process.

How can I change the name of the child I want to share my Zoog with?

When you select to share your Zoog recording, you will see the option to share it with a child you have saved or add a new child.

How can I edit my Zoog recording's title?

To edit the title of your video, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “My Stories” tab in the Zoog app
  2. Locate the video you would like to modify in the list
  3. Tap on the three dots menu icon on the upper-right corner of the tile
  4. Select the option “Edit title”
  5. Edit the title of your video as desired.
  6. Tap on “Go” or any similar confirmation button to save the changes.

By editing the title, you can easily identify recordings of the same book for different children or any other purpose you have in mind.

Click here to view an instructional video for this process.

How can I find suitable content for my child's age?

There are currently three age group categories: “For Toddlers”, “For Preschoolers”, and “School Age”.
Within each category, you will find the most relevant Zoog content suitable for your child’s age group.
Simply explore the respective category to discover the appropriate content for your child.

How can I delete a Zoog recording?

To delete a video, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘My Stories’ tab in the Zoog app
  2. Locate the video you’d like to delete
  3. Tap on the three dots menu icon on the upper-right corner of the tile
  4. Select the ‘Delete’ option
Click here to view an instructional video for this process.
Note that once you delete your video, we will not be able to recover it.

Is there content in other languages besides English?

Currently our content is in English, but we are looking to expand to other languages soon.

We have found that some of our international audience simply translates the story as they read in their native language. In addition, in the Greeting Card and Memories Zoogs, you are free to record in any language you want, as there is no guiding text.

Are my videos stored forever?

  • If you are a Zoog+ member, your videos are guaranteed to be available during your membership. You and your loved ones can access them through the app, the Zoog links you share and your Memory Album.
  • If you are not a Zoog+ member, your Zoog videos remain available unless you are inactive for a long period of time, at which point we reach out to ensure you have time to download your videos and store them locally.*


  • Currently, we do not delete your videos after your membership ends, however this may change in the future as there are financial implications for storing these videos long-term. When this change is implemented, we will properly communicate this policy and allow you sufficient time to download your videos and store them locally.
  • You can download any video you create in the Zoog app right now. To do this, click the Send to.. button and select the Download option.

Are there different types of content to create?

Zoog offers a variety of content types:

  • Books: Classic tales and modern stories
  • Songs: For those who love to sing, Zoog’s karaoke songs feature both lyrics and music, allowing you to perform as the lead vocalist.
  • Did You Know?: Engaging and amusing facts on diverse topics.
  • Early Learning: Designed specifically for toddlers to learn colors, numbers, and other basics.
  • Jokes: Humorous “Dad Jokes”.
  • Greeting Cards: Send personalized messages on special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, etc.
  • Memories: Share your own stories from various parts of life.
Explore the Zoog library here.

Troubleshooting by restarting the Zoog App

Restarting the app is often the first step to try to solving an issue within Zoog. Here is a guide if you’re not sure how.

Can I have my account on multiple devices?

It’s possible to access your account from various devices, and all your recordings and preferences will be synced across them, regardless of where they were made.


Additionally, you can start recording one chapter on one device and continue on another.

Just ensure that you sign in using the same method, noting that if you sign up with Apple, your email may be hidden. To use your account on different devices, make sure to use the same login information.

How can I update my billing information?

Updating billing information can be done through your iPhone or iPad settings. Please see this step-by-step explanation from Apple:

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