Hili Jeffery

I have been writing stories and poetry ever since I can remember. My first book of poetry for little ones was published in 2016, inspired by the birth of my beautiful niece. Full-time Content Director, half-time dreamer, and part-time blogger, I do my best writing under trees or in bustling coffee shops. When I’m not strolling the streets of sunny Tel Aviv, I can be found reading, hiking, practicing yoga, cooking, or sharing interior design advice.

I love working with Zoog because they turn words into magic! What was once static and one-dimensional, is now full of life, as if my character had jumped out of the pages. As an author, it’s a new way for words to reach the hearts of little ones, with exciting animation and music. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful moments together, and I’m so grateful to be taking part in it!


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