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Apps for Grandma – Keep in Touch with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandparents often live far away from their loved ones. Their children grow up and have families of their own, and many of them find opportunities that take them to different cities and states. Of course, this means that we need to find an app that’s easy to use and allows our grandparents to stay connected with their loved ones. Thankfully, there are now apps that are specifically designed for grandmas and grandpas that help them stay connected with easy-to-use interfaces.


Best Apps for Grandmas and Grandpas

Savvy app developers have come up with creative ideas to address the basic needs of most people and provide a solution. One such example is the advent of apps that help grandma and grandpa stay in touch with their loved ones.  Senior citizens, are not always tech-savvy, so these apps are designed to be easy for them to use. 


Here is a list of the best apps for grandma and grandpa and a closer look at the features that are available.



Recent events have shown how physical separation and the inability to stay connected to your loved ones can take a toll on mental health. Unfortunately, it’s often seniors often who feel the most impact from the situation. That is why Zoog has put so much effort into developing the best app to help grandma and grandpa connect with their loved ones in a way that is accessible and intuitive. 


It is more than just a communication tool; it is also a video storytelling app. Zoog is all about creativity. It is designed to help anyone create video stories that become personalized and unlocks the inner storyteller in all of us. Grandparents who want to spend as much time as possible with their grandkids online can use this app to connect with their grandchildren on an interactive level that is informative and fun for everyone involved.


With Zoog, grandparents can share fun stories where they actually star as the characters and are immersed in the story to keep the children engaged. Video-chat has become the new norm in communication in this modern era. Zoog takes that to another level because they understand that children don’t do small talk. Unlike adults, they have a short attention span, so you need to keep them entertained and engaged if you want to spend more time with them online.


Zoog is an app that is designed to bring generations closer. While the book reading app keeps children engaged, it also turns baby boomers into content creators. Grandparents can now read or tell stories with the use of advanced animation with the same ease as reading a physical book. This is certainly a great way to get the kids excited about communicating with their grandparents.

easy to use apps for grandma and grandpa



This is another fun and exciting app that can make video chats with grandparents more fun and interactive. Parents can now share their children’s artworks or drawings with their grandparents as if they were there with them physically. 

Keepy allows you to organize and share any of your children’s photos, artworks, or creations online. You can even share ongoing work with the grandparents so they can see the child’s masterpiece as it unfolds!


You can even add short video clips when you share the photos through this app. It’s a great way to create lasting memories with grandparents when circumstances have taken you to other places. 



A great way to keep up the old family traditions of games or trivia nights is through Kahoot!. Kahoot! is an interactive app that allows you to create custom quizzes that the entire family can play, no matter where they are. 


This is a fun activity for the next time you have a video chat session with the grandparents. You can create games and quizzes based on whatever subject you are interested in. You can complete them on your own, or you can make a competition out of it – the second option is probably more fun for the grandparents to be involved with!



Do you miss watching movies with your grandparents? Don’t let the distance get in the way of your family movie time! Kast is an excellent app to help you stay connected with grandma and grandpa. 


This app allows you to share the screens with your grandparents so you can enjoy watching a movie together. The best part is that you can use voice or video messaging, as well as texting, while watching the movie – it’s like they’re with you! 


Kast is an app that works like a virtual living room and can be accessed via a desktop computer, ideal for grandparents who don’t use mobile devices. 


Words with Friends 2

Word games are a classic game idea that the entire family can enjoy and you can now share this experience with grandma and grandpa, giving them something to keep the kids engaged when they are on a video call.


This is one of the most popular social mobile word games out there. There are solo challenges and team-based challenges. The latter makes for a great option when you are on a video call with your grandparents and you want the kids to be more engaged. The Lightning Rounds and Lightning Duels add a new dimension to this game for those who want to explore the possibilities. 


It is a fun activity for the whole family, especially for the kids and the grandparents! 

apps ideal for grandparents


Facebook Messenger Kids

Most grandparents are on Facebook these days, therefore, installing Facebook Messenger for Kids is a great way for them to stay connected, all in one app. 


The kid-friendly version of Facebook Messenger allows them to safely share photos, videos, and participate in group chats or video calls. It is a great way to get kids to participate in a chat with their grandparents. Just like the regular Facebook Messenger app, kids can have fun with the app by adding filters and decorations to make those precious moments with the grandparents more memorable.


Make those calls with grandma and grandpa more memorable and fun-filled. These best apps for grandma and grandpa are sure to get the job done. 

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