Helping Foster a Growth Mindset in Young Children

Guide to Help Kids Build a Growth Mindset

“Mommy help, I can’t do this… It’s too difficult… Please do it for me.” How often do we hear that as parents? While it is a lot easier to jump in and rescue a child by taking control of the situation, like when they are tying their shoes, putting on pajamas, or opening a candy […]

Activities to Improve Communication Skills in Kids

effective communication game for children

In this digital age, most people are spending an increased amount of time on their mobile and electronic devices – including children. It’s created the ironic situation where, despite the proliferation of communication devices, people are struggling with human-to-human communication more than ever. This can be troubling for children who are still developing their social […]

10 Ways to Encourage Grade-Schoolers to Read

best way to motivate young students to read

Reading is an important skill for your child to possess, not just in school, but in everyday life. It is a crucial part of your child’s ability to improve overall communication skills. Further, a study shows children who love reading are also good at math, not just vocabulary and spelling. Knowing how to encourage kids […]

Do Apps for Bedtime Stories Work?

what makes bedtime stories apps effective

It’s a fact: bedtime stories are beneficial to kids. Developing a bedtime routine that includes reading bedtime stories will not only help them sleep soundly and foster a good bond between parent and child, it can also boost your child’s brain development. What about apps for bedtime stories? Too much screen time close to bedtime […]

The Power of Storytelling: Teaching the Art of Storytelling for Kids

techniques to improve storytelling for toddlers

Storytelling has been an important part of our society since the dawn of mankind, but the purpose of storytelling has transformed significantly over the years. During the early history of mankind, storytelling was a way of keeping records of important events. Today, storytelling is often used as an essential learning tool, especially for children. Telling […]

How Augmented Reality Reading Helps Keep Kids Engaged

Augmented Reality Reading Keeps Kids Engaged

Augmented reality is a phrase that you may often hear and think little of. As a parent or educator, it is important to learn about its potential and understand how it works. The concept of augmented reality reading is just one of many applications of this technology designed for children’s education. This can be an […]

The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling For Kids

Psychological Comforts of Storytelling for Kids

Humans have been recounting stories around campfires since long before the invention of writing. There is no older form of communication, and early humans passed down stories from one generation to the next. These tales were used as a way to teach younger generations, and share wisdom, beliefs, values, traditions, and culture. Our ability to […]

Why Reading Aloud to Kids Helps Them Thrive

Reading to young children engages a wide range of developmental skills

Reading to children is a long-established method for parents around the world to help nurture their child’s mind. It is considered one of the most important things any parent can do to contribute to their child’s development and future success. While it is important for them to learn to read independently, reading aloud to children […]

How The Idea Was Born: Bedtime Stories for Kids

bedtime story generator

Reading bedtime stories to kids is as old as time. It is an activity that parents are very accustomed to doing, but many don’t realize how it started and what the benefits are. Storytelling started as a teaching method, an efficient way to pass information down through generations with simple and memorable narratives. The principle […]

How Learning with Augmented Reality Apps Improves Child Education

why augmented reality can help with a child’s learning

Developments in technology have created some of the best tools available for the educator’s arsenal. They have opened up new opportunities to facilitate learning and help make the learning process enjoyable for young children. And when kids are having fun, learning becomes more effective. That’s why the use of augmented reality for kids is the […]